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NMFTA-Freight Class NMFC Code logoThe NMFTA (National Motor Freight Traffic Association) does not allow for their published data of any Freight Class or NMFC Codes to be posted online for the public. This information is copyrighted and only disclosed to paying members of the NMFTA, such as freight carriers, freight brokers, freight forwarders and logistics companies. Our company is allowed access to the NMFTA’s freight class publication. 

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NMFC Code – Freight Class Cheatsheet
Commodities NMFC Codes and Freight Class listed on the above file:

Item Description
1/4  Panels  for  Vehicle Metal (boxed or crated)
1/4  Panels  for  Vehicle Metal (packages other than boxes or crates)
Acorns (Nuts) Acorn  /  Nuts  in  shell
Aircraft  Parts metal, struts, skins, panels
Aluminum  Channel U  channel
Aluminum  Table  Set aluminum  table  SU
Ambulance  Stretcher stretcher
Arches  Support Iron  Steel
Architectural  Details 6 –   8  lbs  per  cubic  foot
Architectural  Details 2 –   4  lbs  per  cubic  ft
Assembled Furniture Bathroom cabinet set up
Highboys, dressers, wooden set up
Wood furniture  4-6 Lbs per cu ft
Chairs wooden setup w/out upholstery
Chairs wooden setup w/out upholstery   KD
Couch w/ back & arms put together
Chairs put together w/ upholstery
Metal cabinets in boxes
18 gauge steel cabinet
Benches, cabinets, tables for workstations
Buffets, china cabinets put together
Cabinets of metal or plastic for storage
Tanning bed
Mattresses, in packages or boxes
Athletic / Sporting Goods Gym equipment, playground, sports items.
Attachments: Backhoe NOI: Attachments, backhoe (Backhoes), tractor or truck, on lift truck skids or pallets:
Attachments: Backhoe Attachments, backhoe (Backhoes), tractor or truck, on lift truck skids or pallets: Each shipped with all components secured to a single pallet, platform or skid, weighing 1100 pounds or more and having a density of 8 pounds or greater per cubic foot
ATV less than 8 lbs per  cu ft internal  combustion engine, battery disconnected, drained of fuel/oil
ATV more than 8 lbs per cu ft ATV in boxes or crates, with internal combustion, battery disconnected, drained of fuel/oil
Auto Parts: Accessories Carriers or bar type luggage racks
Luggage racks set up (non bar type)
Wheel iron or steel finished, with or without bearings
Luggage racks knocked down (non bar type)
Car Covers: seat, hood, tire or top covers in boxes
Pneumatic tires for vehicles
Auto Parts: Body Parts Doors or tailgates: truck or car in boxes.
Fenders metal, in boxes or crates primed.
Bumpers metal (used)
Bumpers plastic, rubber or foam plastic
Engine hoods, metal, in boxes or crates.
Running boards, alum or steel.
Auto Parts: Interior Carpet or rug, felted, molded.
Axles Automobile or trailer: Loose
Automobile or trailer: Packaged/Skid
Bags bags, envelopes, pouches, cellulose, plastic or woven NOI
Apparel / material woven bags
Cotton bags in packages
Balloons, plastic or rubber, not inflated
Burlap, rubberized, in bales or bundles
Bamboo Furniture furniture  made  of  bamboo  SU
Barrels Barrels, wooden, nested
Pails / buckets, rubber, nested
Barristers Bookcase Section  wood  bookcase
Baskets Baskets or hampers, wood or wire
Wire baskets
Bicycles 2-4 lbs per Cu Ft
Boat Parts NOI Wood  boat  parts  (panels)
Books Books  in  bags  or  boxes  or  bundles  NOI.
Books/Printed Material Used Magazines- no declared value
New Magazines or periodicals
Newspapers wholly or partly printed
Paper back books
Printed matter in sheets
Boxes or Chests tool or fishing tackle, in boxes or crates
Brass  Bed Frame  only
Brass Headboard & Foot Headboard  and  foot  boards  metal  SU
Building: Wood/Material Balusters / wood railing, in boxes or crates
Moldings, wood or plastic coated, primed, box/crate
Stairs in sections, wood
Wallboard / Fiberboard
Stones, boxes or crated
Cabinet or Locker (Steel) Steel: Set up
Steel: Knocked down flat in crate
Cabinet or Locker (other than Steel): Set up
(other than Steel): Knocked down flat
Canoe Crated
Canvas (tarp) Canvas as cloth, dry goods or fabric rolled, boxed bagged or crated
Car Hardtop Roof of car, hardtop for automobile
Car Tires Used not to exceed $1.00 per lb release value
Cars Passenger cars
Case  Of  Wine wine, bottled in cases
Caskets Wooden caskets in boxes or crates
Burial case or casket handles in boxes
Casket or coffin material – wood / knocked down
Cast Iron Bathtub bath fixtures, iron bathtub
Cast Iron Bed frame Cast Iron bed frame dismantled
Cast Iron Stove Stove, cast iron KD
Cast Iron Urn
Cement/Concrete/Bricks Bricks, common building
Bricks cement or mortar
Bricks, crushed or ground
Bricks, insulating, industrial
Glass blocks in boxes or crates
Chair wooden Chair wooden 2 < 4 lbs per cu ft
Chair (or stools) Boxes or Crates (Set up)
Chairs Metal or wood stacked 2+
Knocked Down
Chandelier ***MUST  BE  IN  A  CORRUGATED  BOX***
China Cupboard
Chiropractic Table
Clothing Aprons, coveralls, pants, shirts disposable
Clothing & Materials Cotton: Cloths or rags for cleaning
Cotton: Cloth, cotton or synthetic fibre, bales or rolls
Clothing (coat/pant/dress/etc)
Coat Rack Coat / Hat  Rack
Coffin Set up wood NOI
Compressor Compressor, NOI Air with or without tanks
Computer: Computerized  Equip value = up to $10.00 per  pound
value = up to $25.00 per  pound
value = up to $5.00  per  pound
Coveyors drag-line or overhead runway, in packages
Cooler Equipment
Copier – Copying Machine Copier actual value not exceed $30.00/lbs
Copier actual value not exceed $65.00/lbs
Copier actual value not exceed $100.00/lbs
Copier actual value exceeding $100.00/lbs
Corrosive Materials Multiple items.
Corrugated  boxes boxes   6  >  9  lbs  per  cu  ft
boxes  9 lbs  >  12  lbs  per  cu  ft
corrugated boxes 12 lbs/cu ft or greater
Corrugated  Sheets corrugated / cardboard sheets
Counter Top without back splash or drip edge
with backsplash or drip edge
Deer Antlers
Display Case Wall Mount Shadow Box Style
Doll House
Doors Manufactured Doors, framed, in boxes or crates
Iron or steel doors in boxes or crates
Wood doors, covered w/ sheet aluminum
Doors Manufactured: Iron/Steel/Tin Siding, iron, steel or tin plate
Drafting  table  dismantled Top removed
Dress Form
Dresser Chest of drawers
Drums Drums, steel, lead lined
Dry Food Stuffs Dry Pet Food
Flour or Cornmeal
Drying Oven Knocked down (dismantled)
Duct, Pipes or Flues Articles consist of Conduits, Pipe, Smokestacks, Tubing or Fittings
Dynamometers Electromagnetic Brakes, Clutches, Slip Couplings, or Dynamometers, separate or combined, with or without motors, in boxes or crates or on skids
Electric Motor Electric motor boxed, crated on pallet not to  exceed $5.00 per lbs
Electric Pump
Electric Wheelchair Knocked Down (collapsed)
Electric Wheelchair   with  Batteries Wheelchair with batteries (disconnect to ship)
Electrical  transformer
Electronics Computers/PC’s, Computer Monitors/Display Screens, Fax machines & Data processing machines, systems or devices in which the value is not exceeding $5 per pound
Computers/PC’s, Computer Monitor/Display Screens, Fax machines, & data processing machines, systems or devices in which the value is not exceeding $10 per pound
Computers/PC’s, Computer Monitors/Display Screens, Fax machines, & data processing machines, systems, or devices in which the value is not exceeding $25 per pound
Engine (truck/car motor) Engine skidded but NOT boxed or crated
Engine (car or truck) engine boxed or crated on skid
Engines: Crated Engines, automobile or tractor in boxes or crates
Engines: Transmissions Transmissions or clutches in boxes or crates
File  cabinet Metal file cabinet not wood,
Fireplace Wood / Coal
Fireplaces or imitation fireplaces 1-2 lbs per cu ft
Fireplace Andirons Fire Dog
Fireplace Mantle Wood
Fireplace Screen
Floor Sweepers Floor Sweepers, boxed, handle taken apart
Fishing Line Boxed
Floor Crane
Floor Polisher or Scrubber Floor Polishers or Scrubbers, or Carpet or Upholstery Cleaners or Extractors, wheeled or not wheeled, with or without complement of attachments or batteries, , in boxes, crates or in triplewall fibreboard containers securely fastened to lift truck pallets or skids, subject to Item 170 and having a density in pounds per cubic foot of:
Floor Lamp
Flooring Hardwood Flooring in boxes
Footwear Boots, NOI; Footwear, NOI, not hosiery; Shoes, NOI; or Slippers
Framed Art Framed art/ painting
Furnace/Heater Water heater, packaged w/insulated outer shell
Water heater, packaged, w/out insulated outer shell
Furnaces, metal, w/ or w/out parts packaged 6 lbs or greter per cu ft
Furnaces, metal, w/ or w/out parts packaged Less than 6 lbs per cu ft
Garage  door  opener garage door with drawbar rail or trolley SU
with drawbar,rail or trolley jackshaft or slide mount
Gate  Valve
Grandfather  Clock
Go Cart (Kart) Density item
Hammers steam or power trip
Hand  Tools  Power
Hitches or Couplers NOI, or Parts thereof, NOI, not wheeled, with or without stabilizers, in packages
Household: Appliances Oven, gas, baking, iron boxed or crated
Microwave oven, in box or crate
Oven, electric, stationary, boxed or crated
Stoves or ranges, iron-aluminum boxed or crated
Water softener tank, iron or steel
Coffee Makers, commercial or household
Refrigerators and Freezers, household
Toaster, Electric
Wood burning stove / cast iron
Household: Goods General Items
Humidifier Humidifiers, automatic, in boxes
Hydraulic  Tools
Jet skis / Waverunners Trucks, passenger and freight trucks
Jet  Drive  for  boat  pump  unit High speed water pump
Jukebox Jukebox, Phonographs
Kawasaki  Mule ATV
Keyboard  /  Organ
Kiln Pottery kiln KD
Kitchen  Cabinet Kitchen Cabinet KD
Lab Equipment Glassware
Equipment ‐ Apparatus
Lamp  Shade
Lamps or lighting fixtures Density Item
Laser Engraving laser
Lawn Mower/Snow Plow Snowplows, rotary, vehicle mounting in box or crate
Mowers, with engines or motors in boxes or crates
Snow blowers, rotary, 2wheeled, walk behind
Lawn  ornaments wooden ornaments
Lighters cigar, cigarette or pipe, NOI
Loom Other than Hand
Loom  Hand
Machinery NOI Multiple Freight Class
Machines  arcade Pinball, arcade games
Mattress  &  Box  spring Mattress & Box spring less than 4lbs per cubic ft
Mechanical  Chair Power Chair
Metal  Bed  Rails Metal Head & Foot
Metal  Fireplace  Surround
Metal  Shelves
Metal  Skid Metal pallet or skid…
Metal  Storage  Cabinets Metal Cabinets set up
Metal  table  with  glass  top Steel tables NOI
Metal  Tool  box Metal tool box 10 < 12 lb  per cu ft
Metal  vessel iron/steel  tank  greater  than  10lbs  per  cu  ft
Microwave  Oven
Mixer Mixer  food  processor,  machines  with/wo  attachments  in  boxes  or  crates
Model  Boat Wooden
Motorcycle Crated / Skidded  if less than 8 lbs per cubic  ft
Crated / Skidded If greater than 8 lbs per cubic foot.
Motorcycle Engine Palletized, not crated
Crated not palletized
Motorcycle Parts NOI Metal parts, NOI
Motorcycles Motorcycle (gas powered)
Moveable Walls
Mowers, power (Mowers with Engines or Motors), NOI, in boxes & crates
Nuts, Edible In bags, boxes or drums
Oscilloscopes or Waveform Analyzers, in boxes
Outboard Boat Engine maximum value $25.00
Painting value not exceeding 50 cents per pound
value not exceeding $2.00 per pound
value not exceeding $5.00 per pound
Panels, partitions or Screens, free-standing, metal, wood or metal and wood combined, glazed or not glazed, with or without leg posts or sockets, with supporting feet detached, with or without assembly hardware, in crates, fibreboard containers testing not less than 200 pounds
Personal Effects Release value 10ct per pound
Personal Watercraft
Personal Watercraft, including Power Skis, Jet Skis® or Wet Jets® , sitting or standing type, with jet pump propulsion system, in crates palletized
Jet Ski® is a registered trade name of Kawasaki Motor Company.
Wet Jet® is a registered trade name of Mastercraft Boat Company.
Phones/Printers/AV Equipment Telephones – Videophones – Answering machines
Cell phones & wireless radios in which the value is not exceeding $3 per pound
Cell phones & wireless radios in which the value is not exceeding $6 per pound
Cell phones & wireless radios in which the value is not exceeding $10 per pound
CD Players or Recorders – DVD Players or Recorders
Video Cassette Players or Recorders – Tape Players or Recorders – Radios (other than auto) – Tuners Amplifiers/Preamplifiers – Home Stereo – Home Speakers
Electrical cords or cables, Extension cords, Phone cords
CD’s, DVD’s, Mini Discs
Phonograph Phonograph  /  Radio  electric
Photo  Copier Console
Pictures/Posters/Signs Pictures or posters in rolls or boxes
Pictures or posters individually rolled of paperboard
Pictures or charts other than rolled or in boxes
Posters or pictures on paperboard, not framed, in boxes
Pinball Machine Pinball  Machine  games  electronic  less  than  4lbs/cu  ft
Pinball  Machine  4  <  7  lbs  /  cu  ft
Pinball  Machine   7  or  greater  lbs  /  cu  ft
Plant Hanger
Plasma TV Plasma  TV
Plastic (Rubber) Articles Density Item
Platform Scale
Postage mailer, folder  inserter Postage  mailer,  folder  inserter  8  >  or  greater
Presses or Pressing Machine NOI, with bucks and pressing heads or chests, in boxes or crates
Radar Dome Rigging
Rams hydraulic, in packages
Range Electric
Range Gas
Raw Metal Wire, or copper clad steel
Steel Tanks
Bronze or Copper Plates or sheets strapped in bundles
Aluminum Rods
Copper or Brass Scrap Pieces
Cables of Iron or steel
Cast Pipe, Iron or Steel
Rear End Assembly Used  Auto  Parts
Riding Mower
Rocking Chairs
Rocking Horse
Rope Greater than 35 lbs per cubic foot density
Rope (coiled in boxes) Less  than  35  lbs  per  cubic  ft
Sailboat Mast Steel
Wood  ‐  Hollow
Wood‐  Solid
Scientific Instruments NOI, in boxes or drums
Settee upholstered settee wooden upholstered
Shark Cages Also covers bird cages Knocked Down (not set up)
Slot Machine
Signs Group Density Item
Snow blower Packaged, crated on pallet
Snow plow Snowplow boxed or crated
Snowmobile Frame Dismantled with skis removed/windshield removed
Solar Collectors Density Item
Sousaphone Musical  Instrument Not Wind or String
Sporting Equipment Density Item
Stained Glass
Statue Stone Statue  10<12
Statue Stone Concrete 8<10  lbs per cu ft
Steel Storage Cabinets Steel storage cabinets, NO glass, set up
Stereo Equipment DVD, CD players, VCR’s or home stereos (Theater systems)
Stereo Speakers In cabinet or case
Stone Rock
Surfboard surfboard 1 < 2 lbs cubic ft
T shirts T-shirts T‐Shirts, clothing <12 lb per cuft
T-Shirts / clothing T-shirts/Clothing >12lbs per cu ft
Table Table dismantled, knocked down packed in cartons or crates
Table Without a top
Table saw packaged on pallet
Table Top Glass table top, glass 1/4 thick minimum
Table Top Tools Table Saw  / Chop Saw
Tanks Fuel or Oil Cells, rubber or fabric, separate or combined, with or without wood or metal supports or fittings, NOI, in packages
Televisions TVs, 40″ or greater
TVs, Less than 40″
TVs, Plasma TVs
TVs, projection type
Tile / Roofing Roofing Tile, wood or cement
Tire Changing Machine pneumatic tire changing, iron or steel, air-powered or other than air-powered, or Parts thereof, NOI, in boxes or crates
Tires Pneumatic, NOI
Tool Box metal Metal  tool  box  12<  14  lbs  per  cu  ft
Tools Lathes, metalworking
Manual hand held Tools, other than power
Electric hand held Power Tools, or parts
Toy (figurine)  Miniature
Trade  Show  Materials Exhibition Paraphernalia: tradeshow displays (or Booths or Stalls)
Transmission Transmissions or Clutches; or Parts thereof, NOI; in boxes or crates
Treadmills Density Item
Truck Bumper Bumpers,  front  or  rear  end  protection,  metal,  used
Unassembled Furniture Bathroom cabinet knocked down
Desks wooden unassembled
Furniture completely knocked down / flat
Wooden bed headboard / footboard unassembled
Wooden chests knocked down
Couch taken apart w/out back & arms
Bed rails, wooden, in packages
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) Battery Backups:

Applies on articles primarily designed to provide a temporary back-up power source for computers and other electronic equipment in the event of a power failure.
UV Chamber Light  Box
Vacuum Parts Used vacuum parts
Vacuum parts, new mounted on wagons,
Vehicle Hood Auto Body Parts Metal
Vehicle  Hood  Auto  Body  Parts Fiberglass
Vending Machines Multiple Items
Washer / Dryer
Watches or Watch parts Released value not exceeding $2.00 each
Water Coolers and Cooling or Freezing Apparatus combined, in boxes, crates; also on skids for pieces weighing 3,000 pounds or over
Watches or Watch parts Released value exceeding $2.00 each
Wheelchair powered Wheelchair  powered  shipped  WITHOUT  Batteries
Wheelchair SU (Set up) Other than motor-propelled, in boxes or crates
Wheelchair KD (Knock Down) Other than motor-propelled, in boxes or crates
Wicker  Basket
Winches Capstans, Winches or Windlasses
Windows manufactured Blinds or Shutters, door or window
Wing Chair Stuffed
Wood Bed frame
Wood Cabinet Dry  Sink
Wood Carving Wood  carving  as  decorations  in  crates  or  boxes  10  <12  lbs  per/cu ft
Wood Chair
Wood Chest
Wood Desk
Wood Desk Wooden  desk  Knocked  down  flat  in  cartons  or  crates
Wood Finial Finial,  wooden  in  boxes  or  crates
Wood Pellets Pellets,  bricks/fuel,  logs  or  pellets  bagged  or  cartons
Wood Table
Wooden Bench Wooden  bench
Wooden Boat Wood  boat  NOI,  packaged  or  crated  not  nested
Wooden  Vents vents  for  a  building
Writing Utensils Artist’s crayons
Markers or pens in boxes, other than felt tip
Crayons in boxes for school
Chalk, other than pastels, in boxes
Lead pencils, wood, not mechanical