Looking to save money on your shipping costs?

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Admit it, you are here for one reason. You want to get cheap shipping. Looking to reduce your transportation cost is important in this economy where every dollar counts.

FreightTo offers a solution for you to save money easily no matter where you are shipping freight or shipping small parcels. We have partnered up with the most respected providers to offer you discounts you will not be able to get on your own. We have a total annual volume of $75 million on Freight Shipping and $20 million in Small Parcel Shipping. We offer you discounted shipping by allowing you to tap into our buying power.

There is no need for you to have to try to negotiate your shipping costs since we will always get you better rates. Get a Shipping Quote or Sign Up Free to get started on the way to more profit!

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Looking to save money on your shipping costs?
Millions are over paid in transportation costs.
What is your reason for being on this site? Savings?
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