What are you overpaying on your shipping?

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Did you know that on average shippers pay over 30% more than needed for their shipping? The reason is that carriers try to get as much profit as possible and only give great shipping discounts to their largest customers.

Most shippers (unfortunately) are not a Fortune 500 company and do not have volumes to leverage deep discounts. We do see customers that have exceptional discounts with carriers but 99% of the shippers that we help get cheap shipping rates stop hemorrhaging customers to their competitors.

What are you overpaying? We offer a simple way to see multiple solutions instantly and choose the carrier that not only is going to save you money, but ones that offer different transit times.

Stop paying too much now or lose your customers to your competitors. Do you want to go into a downward spiral where you become less competitive? Of course not. Now do something about it.

There is no need for you to have to try to negotiate your shipping costs since we will always get you better rates. Get a Shipping Quote or Sign Up Free to get started on the way to more profit!

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